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#4 Magnification lens

Price: email or CALL for shipping cost
#4 Magnification lens offers a 2.0x magnification with a working distance of approximately 12 inches from the lens.

This lower power lens is so much help even though it is our next power up from our "lowest power".

This 4.0D (2.0x) power lens is actually stronger than a 1.5x - 1.75x "Reader" from the drug store.

Our Patented Design of "easily changing out one lens power from another" is what makes our MagEyes products
Helpful, Easy to Use and High Qualilty  for the consumer.

And remember, if you wear Prescription glasses, please use your prescription glasses with your MagEyes.
The MagEyes were designed to work extremely well with glass.

Note: your prescription glasses are correcting your vision as close to 20/20 as possible, so they are very
helpful when using your MagEyes magnifier.
Manufacturer: MagEyes, Inc
Manufacturer Part No: 326400200