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A stainless Steel frame holds HatEyes securely to your cap/hat. This #7 lens = 2.75x with an approximate working distance of 5-7 inches.

HatEyes by MagEyes, Inc -
~ HatEyes is a Clip On Cap, Hat or Sun visor, stainless steel magnifier
~ Slide action for lens will allow its use on long brim caps (3"+)
~ Adjustable pivot tension
~ Release grip pressure on lens frame allows for easy change of lens magnification, as needed
~ Wear Bifocals? - included in an extra long link that you can easly change on the frame

NOTE: When wearing HatEyes, it is recommended to "store" the lens under the cat brim with
enough angle at the pivot to allwo the index finger to enter the "v" and bring the lens down for use.
Storing the lens flat under the brim may result in the lens then contacting the forehead.
Storage may also be using the Clear Clamshell Packaging you received your HatEyes.

WARNING: Storing the lens in front of the cap brim may result in HOT SPOTS on your
face or shirt due to the magnification from the Sun.

All USA MADE since 2001!
Manufacturer: MagEyes, Inc
Manufacturer Part No: 536700200